Brompton Road

We initiate change in shopper behaviour with the courage to forge a bold new path through the evolving competitive retail & out of home landscape.

Brompton Road is founded in 2010 by Lieke Spapens and Jurgen Mohr and named after the well-known shopping street in London where Harrods is to be found. The street where tempting shoppers and offering them a unique shopping experience has become an art. Road is the mental journey that the shopper follows when deciding to buy a product or service.

Sure, we are shopper experts in store, however today retail and out of home is everywhere. And Brands and retailers need to keep up. Consumers and shoppers are well informed nowadays and very aware of their increasing influence. They do not matter when, where and thru which channel they make their purchases.

That is why we are there, where consumers and shoppers make and maintain their contacts and share their experiences. This is how we gain essential insights, which we convert into effective strategy, communications and activations.

Shoppers are in charge.

They can easily change direction during the buying process. Because what they may be offered by the competition is just that bit more tempting. Or because you, as brand or retailer, do not profit sufficiently from the precious moment of contact.

Shoppers’ needs and expectations are always at the basis of our thinking.

We discover and react to the world around us through the eyes of shoppers. By using well-targeted communications at specific moments and locations, we stimulate the emotions and behavior of shoppers and consumers.


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Brompton Road

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